Have you ever wanted to know the details and information about a boat you saw? Do you only remember it's name or it's model? Introducting Yachtspot, a new way to find boats. When a boat is registered, it will have it's name, model and price available and contact information. You can browse, contact and discover boats all around the world, all in one app.


Search for name, make, model, or price. Get results from thousands of users, all in real time.


Get daily recommendations, and new boats, right in your pocket.


When you sell your boat on Yachtspot, you can trust that it is seen by real people, and that you can trust them.


Buying a boat has never been easier, with all the important information you need, right at your fingertips. As well as contact info and locations.



Yachtspot will be available on the iOS App Store in early 2021


Yachtspot will be available on the Google Play Store in early 2021